The Dine

Mexican Food Vendor

Offering: Tamales, Helados, Tostadas,  Corn, Tortas, Fruit Cups

Also, being  sold throughout the day,

Water, Coffee, Gatorade, Bagels, Protein Bars, and Snow Cones!

You do not have to play volleyball to enjoy the day. Lots of music and great food will be available. Come cheer on your friends or come make some new ones!

Registration will close on June 30th, at 6:00pm

Save the date!!!!

Dig Dine and Dance AOWH volleyball


Co-Ed Quads 

Volleyball Tournament​

Saturday, June 2nd. 2018

Penn Valley Baseball Fields

Design some cool jerseys for your team!

Check in 9:00am

            The Dance

Outdoor Music from your favorite playlists!

Team registration is closed for 2018

​​The Anna O'Neill