In honor of their outstanding academic, musical, athletic, spiritual and humorous dedication we proudly awarded:

Amber Jackson/Saint Joan of Arc

Regan Tanon/Saint Therese

Luke Gilliland /Saint Sebastian

The Anna O'Neill Foundation has given over

$75,000.00 in scholarships and

other donations, to people and causes Anna would 

have approved of, maybe...

The Anna O'Neill Foundation

Saint Joan of Arc 

Saint Therese

Saint Sebastian

Saint Phillip


Past Recipients

Ali McDaniel                  Erin Johnston

Samantha Martinez     Isaac Collins

Garrett Reader             Evan McDaniel

Aileen Makovey           Veronica Makovey

Ellie Wood                  Kylee Dresbach-Hill

Katia Griffen                 Johnna Dreschler

Sarah Ritchart             Nora Matthews

Lindsay Strawser        Priscilla Jones

Ignacio Y'var               Breezy Adams