The third scholarship, the Saint Sebastian Scholarship, is awarded to the student that exhibits humility, a healthy sense of competition, and the unique ability to be encouraging to other athletes, even if they demonstrate a clear lack of ability.

The first scholarship, the Saint Joan of Arc Scholarship, is awarded to the student that demonstrates the most characteristics of Anna. Having proven themselves outstanding in  academics, athletics, musical skills, spiritual insight and sarcastic genius. Just overall frickin' awesome.

The second scholarship, the Saint Therese " Little Flower" Scholarship, is awarded the student that demonstrates love of others, committing hidden acts of virtue with a true charitable heart.

‚ÄčAnna O'Neill Foundation

The Anna O'Neill Foundation was set up to raise money for scholarships given in Anna's honor.  Currently we have three scholarships that are awarded to graduating junior high, and

high school students.  

The first  Saint Joan of Arc Scholarships

were  awarded in

May of 2016